Obelisk is the leading Covert Operations Management software in law enforcement agencies in the UK and around the world.

Why do you need Obelisk?

Reduce your administration workload, automate management reporting, and keep track of equipment, tasks and authorities with Obelisk, the comprehensive Covert Operations Management software from Compsoft Ltd.

Since 1997, Obelisk has enjoyed a continuous development programme in close collaboration with its users, including Britain’s principal law enforcement agencies. As a result, it has become the leading Covert Operations Management tool in Police Force Technical Surveillance Units around the world.

What is Obelisk?

Obelisk is a powerful yet intuitive database application that has been exclusively developed for the management of covert operations and equipment. All relevant details can be logged, monitored and reported on by Obelisk, including:

  • Operation and task details
  • Equipment purchase, maintenance and disposal
  • Operational actions and hours
  • Equipment deployments
  • Authority processes
  • Customer/unit details
  • Officers dealing
  • Observation Points
  • Subject, address and vehicle details
  • Task status
  • Risk assessments
  • Feasibility studies

How does Obelisk deliver?

Obelisk is secure and easy to use, with market-leading features including:

  • A comprehensive set of standard operational reports, plus a built-in report generator to enable the production of ad hoc analysis
  • Full integration of barcodes and RF-ID tagging technology for easy return and deployment of equipment from the database
  • Automated messaging to notify Technical Officers of relevant events and deadlines
  • Simple, intuitive navigation, plus a fast and easy search for tasks or equipment
  • Comprehensive security
  • The ability to integrate multiple sites into a single installation whilst keeping each unit’s data confidential from the other units
  • A full system audit recording changes to data in the system, ensuring evidential integrity

and it’s easy…

Based on a secure client-server database, Obelisk is extremely flexible and quick to set up. In addition, Compsoft offers a full range of services, including data transfer, training, and dedicated technical support.